10 Ways to Personalise Omni-Channel Retail

//10 Ways to Personalise Omni-Channel Retail

10 Ways to Personalise Omni-Channel Retail

Personalisation places your customer at the centre of your organisation and delivers a true omni-channel experience.

When we meet with retailers and discuss personalisation, there are positive nods all around the table. But when we start asking how we personalise, there are often an uncomfortable silence.

Most retail websites are still showing one message to everyone. Or sending one email to all their customers. It is the equivalent of having a robot in your store saying the same thing to every customer walking in and out of your store.

It’s time to take a look at how we can change this, because one size, definitely does not, fit all.

Why Personalise?
Personalisation is a great way to make customers feel as if they are getting one to one service.

When customers discover a brand they like and sign up, but then get “spammed” with lots of emails about the products they have no interest in, unsubscribe rates rise.

As customers go through the customer journey to becoming a loyal regular shopper, they want to feel special. As if the brand cares and listens to them. They want to be reassured that this brand will go to every effort to provide great service.

The more customers shop, the more they want to feel rewarded. As a VIP they expect the brand to know about their shopping history. When a customer rings or goes in store with an enquiry and the sales staff know the background on the customer, it saves time, instills confidence and creates a brand ambassador. Customers should only need to say things once.

Through the entire customer journey, we need to have relevant, personalised conversations with my customer so that we can grow revenue, both online and in store.

10 Ways to Personalise Omni-channel Retail

  1. Set up abandoned basket/browse automated email campaigns. They convert well and should provide solid returns on investment. These campaigns may include multiple emails over several days and provide helpful information to support a customers decision to buy.
  2. Match customer purchase data in store and online to offer more relevant product recommendations in emails or when they are in store.
  3. Send your emails to customers at a time when the customer most often opens them. If you customers read email at night, first thing in the morning or on the bus, be at the top of the list by sending at the right time.
  4. Geo location is becoming more popular as recommendations become more sophisticated. When it’s cold in Tasmania, promo your woollen seater. If it is burning hot in Cairns, promote swimsuits! Show international site visitors relevant shipping information.
  5. Set up an automated reminders to buy renewable product lines. Cosmetics, food products, gardening items, pet supplies and clothing all have a product life. A timely reminder to top up converts well.
  6. Everyone loves a birthday gift. Some gift brands grow their birthday campaigns to include family and friends. Kids can request their favourite toy for their birthday from grandma!
  7. Customer segmentation technology has improved strongly and some eCommerce platforms now have onboard recommendations and personalisation features. Age, sex, past purchase history and preferences shape what products are shown, even what time they are shown. Draw on your customer data history to save them time and increase your conversion rate.
  8. Don’t forget Transactional Emails. They have a very high open rate and are a great place to add highly targeted personalisation. Include product set up or care information or helpful cross sells or replenishment products.
  9. Content block information can change based on if you are a new visitor or a VIP. Showing incentives of free shipping for VIPs or introductory information for newbies will improve conversion rates.
  10. Offer subscribe down. When a customer clicks to unsubscribe, show options of less emails or more relevant emails.

We see successful Australian online retailers using powerful search and merchandising tools, with email platforms tightly integrated. They automate personalisation campaigns to increase revenue and lower op-ex costs.

Personalisation is the key to making a customer feel valued. The idea is to make them feel like a VIP, that you have tailored their interaction to be more relevant and provide a better experience.

Call Hitworks today, to find out how to personalise the Omni-Channel experience of your business and put the customer at the centre of your organisation.