eCommerce Financial Forecast

The it works eCommerce Financial Forecast calculates the potential sales and profitability of your online channel, with a comprehensive assessment of the effect that digital marketing activities have on your traffic, revenue and bottom line. This product allows you to create a plan that maximises the return on your marketing investment whilst maintaining optimal operating expenditure to produce the best profit margin.


  • Detailed Profit & Loss that empowers CEO’s and the board to make informed
  • 36 month-on-month forecast with a detailed schedule of digital marketing
    activities and their influence on transactions, revenue and profit
  • 5 x ‘what if’ analyses
  • Interactive presentation of your e-channel Financial Forecast to Senior Management.


  • Easily identify the profitability and break-even point for your e-channel
  • Clear understanding of the online opportunity for your categories and products
    for the next 36 months
  • A powerful tool for maintaining performance targets for departmental and
    supplier KPI’s
  • All the information needed to forecast the appropriate amount of Capex
    required to develop your channel
  • Visibility of the performance of digital marketing channels relative to total revenues
  • A simple tool that allows you to create and maintain an accurate profit and loss
    statement for your eCommerce channel.
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