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Omni-Channel Platform Selection & Architecture

The it works Omni-Channel Platform Selection Methodology is the industry-leading, tried and trusted method for finding the best fit omni-channel platform to meet the needs of your growing enterprise without the bias or sales gimmicks from the platform vendors. A comprehensive assessment of your business’s requirements (both future and present), combined with the in-house expertise and industry experience gives you an objective view of each of potential platforms.


  • Capture detailed functional requirements of the business
  • Fully populated selection criteria document with functional and nonfunctional requirements
  • A comprehensive risk assessment of implementation and deliverability based upon your requirements
  • A short-list of platforms to review based on criteria and business best-fit
  • Detailed RFP’s created and issued to both Platform Vendors and then Service Implementation partners
  • Detailed implementation, licensing and ongoing support costs based on your requirements.


  • Understand quickly what platforms best suit your business
  • An objective method of assessing software vendors and integrators
  • Reduce costs by seeking proposals that are specific to your requirements
  • A straightforward method for software vendors and integrators to present the information to you
  • Save time as the selection criteria are delivered to you pre-populated so you are not creating this from scratch
  • Understand which functions are the most critical for your business.