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Who are we?

it works is an independent consultancy specialising in omni-channel retail and enterprise planning solutions. We guide you through the complex world of online retail and resource planning by analysing your business and providing unique solutions tailored to your unique requirements.


Tailored Solutions

Our team of experts bring a wealth of experience from industry-leading, Australian omni-channel retailers. it works operates independently within a tight-knit community of vendors, partners and truly integrated retail businesses to stay up-to-date with the latest and greatest in ecommerce technology and solutions for you. We combine this experience and leading edge industry knowledge to deliver a comprehensive, data driven approach to optimise and customise your omni-channel ecommerce strategy with proven results.


We are Independent

Would you ever ask a car salesmen which is the best car to buy? No? Then don’t ever make the mistake of blindly asking vendors and implementation partners why their own products and services are ‘the best’. Unless you have quite a few years of ecommerce experience under your belt, this is a surefire way of getting an over-priced, underperforming platform which doesn’t meet your business’s unique requirements. it works offers an experienced view of best practice, cost analysis and industry reliability. We analyse your needs and provide a quality, tailored solution delivered on time with best-in-class quality.


Our Mission

it works advises on best in class strategies, how to implement them and who to partner with. Our goal is to provide outcomes which optimise your business across multiple, integrated channels and keep your customers coming back for more.

Paul Downs
Managing Director

Paul Downs is an experienced omni-channel and eCommerce technology expert with over 20 years experience that spans working both in-house and consulting to a range of retail clients.

What makes you AWESOME at your job?
Paul has extensive experience leading large IT teams (>150) in FTSE100 companies in the UK and consulting in online retail and IT best practice in Australia. He has recently developed system architecture and online eCommerce strategy for iconic brands such as Super Retail Group, Lorna Jane and Pillow Talk.

His first hand experience across many of Australia’s leading multi-channel retailers puts him in hot demand as a regular speaker and influencer at Industry Forums in Australia focussing on the strategic and business change required to embrace the digital revolution.

What do you do in your job day to day?
Paul moves easily between advising on who’s who in the eCommerce implementation partner landscape, to managing large scale enterprise IT projects and advising on which technology would best fit some of Australia’s largest retailers. His unique blend of corporate IT and online digital strategy allows him to identify capabilities, processes and technologies on a regular basis.

What do you enjoy spending your weekends doing?
To counter balance weeks spent focussing on digital strategies, Paul enjoys off-line weekends running and training for Ultra Trail races and tending to his fruit trees!

Gavin Fielding - Principal Consultant - Hitworks

Gavin Fielding
General Manager

Gavin is an accomplished retail executive with 20 years experience in the Australian industry including senior leadership roles at Sheike, The Apparel Group (SABA and Sportscraft) and BBQ Galore amongst others.

What makes you AWESOME at your job?
Gavin’s experience in operating businesses at various stages of their lifecycle including rapid high growth, turnaround and equity means that he is able to fully appreciate the challenges that business owners and CEO’s face.

His philosophy is simply about ‘getting your hands dirty’ and immersing himself in the purpose of the organisation, focussing on the operation, finance, product and people.

What do you do in your job day to day?
Gavin brings a wealth of experience to it works. His role involves overseeing the day to day business activities, ensuring the team delivers best outcomes and value for money for our clients.

What do you enjoy spending your weekends doing?

Gavin spends his weekends camping off road and sailing off shore.

Emma Comben
Principal Consultant

Emma is a highly motivated digital and eCommerce retail specialist with over ten years experience in retail management. She has a proven track record of developing and leading high performance and diverse retail teams.

What makes you AWESOME at your job?
Emma cut her teeth developing effective and cohesive digital teams and most recently was responsible for David Jones eCommerce strategy and growth of concessions on line, including trade, operations and projects.

She is an experienced leader and coach and highly capable at developing effective and cohesive digital teams. Emma has proven her ability to work cross functionally across any business to form key relationships within a multi team environment.

What do you do in your job day to day?
She advises on eCommerce best practice and areas of opportunity beyond internal organisational thinking to develop the business and the competitive proposition.

What do you enjoy spending your weekends doing?
Emma is an artist and spends her weekends painting or helping run her local art gallery.

Glynn Miles
Principal Consultant

Glynn is a senior retail operations eCommerce consultant with over 20 years experience delivering customer expectations and significant business growth in both Australian and international markets.

What makes you AWESOME at your job?
Glynn learned his trade managing stores and teams, developing and delivering effective and cohesive digital strategy and initiatives. Most recently he was responsible for Colettes’ eCommerce offering across all markets including customer service and fulfilment.

He is an experienced and highly capable leader and coach and is passionate about innovation, people and their development.

What do you do in your job day to day?
Glynn advises on omni channel strategy best practice with an emphasis on delivering customer expectations across multi channel initiatives.

What do you enjoy spending your weekends doing?
Glynn spends his weekends walking his dog Vinnie and enjoying the culinary delights of Sydney.

Cherine Scheepers
Principal Consultant

Cherine is an accomplished retail executive with 20 years Retail and Consulting experience in Australia and overseas. With a strong background in Merchandise Planning, Cherine has worked with a cross section of retailers, both large and small. She has also worked with top tier consulting and IT firms helping retailers improve business outcomes.

What makes you AWESOME at your job?
Cherine’s blend of retail and consulting knowledge as well as her experience as a business owner enable her to tackle business challenges in a holistic way. This provides her with the ability to fully understand the cross functional implications of managing complex programs of work.

Cherine has worked at all levels within organisations, with the approach to build commitment and energy by involving all stakeholders along the journey. Creating an environment of trust, open communication is what she does best and having fun on the job is always encouraged!

What do you do in your job day to day?
Cherine brings retail buying and planning experience to the it works team. She is an expert in supporting teams to embrace change and is focused on building high performance teams who love what they do.

What do you enjoy spending your weekends doing?
Weekends are always busy with two active kids to look after. I am naturally an early riser and love to head out for a morning run or bike ride to kick start the day.

Rick Kwok - Senior Delivery Manager - Hitworks

Rick Kwok
Senior Delivery Manager

Rick is an entrepreneurial Digital Commerce specialist with a total of 28 years of IT experience, including 15 years in Digital/E-Commerce across a wide variety of industries working with both Corporate and SMEs in Retail, Financial Services and Tourism.

What makes you AWESOME at your job?
Rick has an entrepreneurial spirit backed up by enormous breadth of experience in IT, from a humble developer to Project and Programme Management, Management Consulting, import/distribution business owner, Web Development business owner and Digital Commerce evangelist. With a wealth of experience with Global brands in Financial Services, FMCG, Tourism and Leisure, Rick is a big picture thinker with an eye for detail and an action speaks louder than words attitude. Simply put, Rick likes to get stuff done.

What do you do in your job day to day?
Rick has the experience to assist you to build your Digital Commerce strategy and project manage it through to delivery of a working eco system. But it doesn’t stop there, Rick will work with you as a Digital Transformation partner to build out your BAU processes to deliver on your desired business outcomes.

What do you enjoy spending your weekends doing?
Work hard play hard. As a self confessed petrol head, Rick goes round and round in circles at great speed aboard his stable of classic racing motorcycles, keeps fit with mountain biking, tennis and swimming. As a foodie, Rick loves to eat out and cooks up a storm at home.

Amy Battle
Digital assistant and events manager

Amy is an experienced operations, events and production manager. Her 20 years experience includes delivering large and small scale events, managing an association as well as media, digital and communications for a range of clients and sectors.

What makes you AWESOME at your job?
Highly organised with a keen attention to detail there is no task to big or too small that she is prepared to take on. Her many years of working in a broad variety of environments ensures Amy is resilient and adaptable to change and works hard to deliver the best outcomes for her clients.

What do you do in your job day to day?
Amy runs the Retail Leaders Network and Future Retail Leaders Network series of events as well as providing digital support to clients.

What do you enjoy spending your weekends doing?
To relax Amy enjoys swimming in the ocean (all year round) as well as running with the Park Run community, cooking at home and spending time with her family.

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