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Digital Marketing

Your business could have the best, industry-leading products or services available, but without the right digital marketing creating awareness and demand for it, you won’t be seeing anywhere near the returns you deserve. Here at it works, we have years of experience in planning campaigns that create efficient and effective brand and product awareness. We provide the benefit of our experience and knowledge to assist marketing teams to best organise themselves to deliver high quality, concurrent, targeted and cost-effective campaigns.


  • Review of current promotional planning, measurement and quality control mechanisms
  • Identification of opportunities for immediate improvement
  • Creation of a prioritised plan to deliver required changes
  • Delivery (where required) of new planning tools and control techniques to measure and manage promotions and personalisation
  • Coaching of team members to ensure new working practices are embedded as business as usual practices.


  • Reduce the cost of planning and delivering campaigns
  • Deliver more effective campaigns, quicker, easier
  • Embed continuous improvement into the process so that campaign delivery becomes more effective over time
  • Personalise the customer experience on your website
  • Understand other factors that may be affecting conversion other than user experience
  • Increase conversion rates on your website.
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