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Omni-Channel Strategy & Gap Analysis

Omni-channel has never and will never run itself, there are three crucial elements: People, Processes and Technology. Whilst many believe it works to be a purely technology firm, our services recognise the necessity for discipline and suitable staff to optimise the use of your organisation’s omni-channel technology. The it works Omni-channel Channel Gap Analysis identifies the strategy gap in people, process and technology between where your business currently sits and your omni-channel aspirations. A set of actionable recommendations is delivered that outlines exactly what efforts need to be undertaken to develop your business’s ecommerce.


  • Identify and understand your organisation’s current omni-channel position and future aspirations
  • Review key business functions associated with omni-channel
  • Assess the existing capabilities and resources within the organisation
  • Identify capabilities, resources and disciplines
  • Establish a series of prioritised, actionable recommendations for the organisation to undertake to bridge the ‘omni-channel’ gap


  • Quickly understand your business’s opportunities
  • Realise the changes that are necessary to meeting these opportunities
  • Understanding what is required from your business to support ecommerce
  • A prioritised understanding of what business attributes need to be looked at
  • Understanding the required knowledge and disciplines to operate an effective omni-channel business.